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Last updated: 15-Nov-2015
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Photo by W7HD
W 7 H D     Home Page   Ron Herring
Licensed continuously since: 1967
DM42ji     Pima County   Tucson, AZ
Lat: N 32.34182   Long: W 111.18408
Linux user: 415320       30MDG#1791
NAQCC#7587     OMISS#9898

This web server is dedicated to amateur radio enjoyment.
Serving Northwest Tucson and the Tucson metro area
Email me here: if you find a broken link
Ovarc Satellite Presentation
A HOWTO guide to working satellites


    Mobile hamshack pictures
    CAUTION: 2 ea 800x600 pictures - may load slowly
    Solar X-rays:
    Geomagnetic Field:
    From       Sunspots active       Univ Maryland soho plot      
    Latest 3-day forecast
    If Status boxes aren't showing that means I am unable to contact n3kl.
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology
    Space weather services for Global
    HF conditions. Many good charts
    and graphs available here.
    AGBM-SWS HAP charts
    Use the chart for the station nearest the one you wish
    to contact. These charts show which frequency to use
    for contact with a station from a mobile.
    WM7D Solar info
    WM7D's Solar Resource Page
    Band Conditions
    NEW Current band condition report
    Space Weather Displays  
    SWPC Real-time Monitor Displays
    Space weather alerts
    NOAA/SWPC Warnings Timeline
    Solar wind animation Solar wind animation for viewing oncoming CMEs
    Proton flux Goes 13 Proton flux
    DXMAPS DXmaps for North America 6M plus more
    Added 24-Jun-2015
    F6CGI Propagation Forecast Real-time propagation info from SWPC NOAA
    PSK reporter Near real-time propagation from over 800 monitoring stations
    Drupal WSPRNET weak signal propagation info
    Propnet Propagation realtime map esp. 6M 10M 30M
    An N pin means Non-PropNet (NPN in the table)
    L means Lurker (non-transmitting Propnet)
    DX QSL NET Propagation Collected from many sources.
    Very useful for ham radio operators
    2M Propagation Map VHF Propagation Maps - ng0e
    HFWIN propagation predictor See where you should be able to talk to at what time-of-day
    Understanding Propagation Understanding LF and HF propagation PDF document
    by Steve Nichols, G0KYA and Alan Melia, G3NYK
    Written for the rest of us
    (Maybe it should be called Propagation for Dummies)
    Propagation A very good explanation of propagation and how K index works
    from the Heart of Texas DX Society

    Other pages
    Experimental freqs Where to find those experimental digital modes
    SGARN INFO Second Generation Amateur Radio Network OVARC implementation
    FLdigi multiples How to set up FLdigi to use multiple versions
    FLDIGI versions Versions of FLDIGI I have used and archived.
    KX3 Rigcat macros RIGCAT macros for KX3
    Federal Holidays Federal Holiday link
    Avra Valley Weather Picture Rocks weather
    GOES West Satellite Weather
    from RAMSDIS (Colorado State)
    Sun in Stereo
    Latest Earthquake map Tucson Weather Radar
    Lightning Intellicast lightning map page
    Repeater maps Repeater maps - highly useful
    AZ Repeater Coordination Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination
    Grid square map Use grid square map to get your locator
    F6FVY grid square map This one lets you center the map, click on your location
    and then shows your grid square on the map, PLUS it lets you
    mark a second point and determine the azimuth and distance
    between the two. GPS coordinates are also shown as a bonus.
    PSK reporter Near real-time propagation from over 800 monitoring stations

    There's a fast DNS server available from Google!
    Point to (primary) or (secondary) for FAST DNS resolution.
    W7HD Site Pages
    Link to my webpage What is there Last updated
    OVARC newsletters Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club Newsletters 11-May-2015
    SDR References Software Defined Radio section 12-Feb-2013
    Elecraft KX3 NEW Files specific to the Elecraft KX3, including programs
    Now that I own one, watch for more KX3 references
    Satellites Satellite reference page for info and programs 02-Oct-2013
    file downloads
    PropNetPSK versions available here
    Click here to see current propagation map for North America
    PNP_Under_LINUX.doc How to get PNP running under Linux
    YouTube video of Propnet from N2NXZ
    Part 97 Digital Rule       Propnet PSK frequencies
    5W transceiver
    Here you'll find the programs and info I use and how I use them
    including how to make it work with other digital programs
    (No external cabling required - it's all virtual!)
    Digital files Digital files available here 05-Nov-2014
    Digital HTML References Links to Digital Mode information and programs on other sites
    Including Links to several PSK31 videos
    W7HD antenna A small field portable dipole (May 2003 QST article) 23-Sep-2007
    PSK frequencies My list of PSK frequencies gathered from others.
    Now includes the PropNET frequencies
    W7HD Linux Page All my Linux stuff is now here 25-Aug-2013
    Ham manuals and downloads Ham programs, manuals, and files to download from here,
    including digital modes
    Ham Radio Dealer websites Alphabetical list of ham radio dealers I've found 24-Apr-2011
    HFWIN propagation predictor See where you should be able to talk to at what time-of-day 22-Feb-2008
    Understanding Propagation Understanding LF and HF propagation PDF document
    by Steve Nichols, G0KYA and Alan Melia, G3NYK
    Written for the rest of us
    (Maybe it should be called Propagation for Dummies)
    Windows files Windows freeware utilities and ham programs available for download
    incl. orbitron satellite tracking program
    Cellphone text messaging What email addresses to use for text messaging 25-Nov-2010
    Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks for amateur radio, RVers & misc. by W7HD 01-Jan-2013
    Antenna project for fifth-wheel My fifth-wheel antenna project 15-Feb-2015

    Links to other sites
    Radio history Thanks to Apple Creek HS (Joy McMahon) for this link to a nice history of radio.
    Propagation A very good explanation of propagation and how K index works
    from the Heart of Texas DX Society
    Gridmapper Nice map to grid tool on QRZ.COM
    APRS APRS display site in Finland
    Router Hash Elimination From Jeff N7YG - how he eliminated wireless router hash
    Brenna says go_here A nice place to meet other hams
    N4LCD Freq List Bandplans - Commonly used amateur frequencies (160M-70cm)
    FCC FCC Amateur Radio Service website
    ULS Go here to register, online filing for new/renew/modify licenses.
    Call sign lookup Lookup amateur call sign on FCC database
    Available callsigns Site to lookup available and upcoming available calls American Radio Relay League, W1AW, Newington, CT
    Amateur Radio News and a lot of reference material available here
    Band plan ARRL band plan (text version)
    ARRL Vec pools Link to ARRL VEC question pools for all ham tests
    Hamfests ARRL Hamfest Listing
    ARCA Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
    ARA Arizona Repeater Association
    OVARC Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club
    RST Radio Club Radio Society of Tucson radio club
    CalculatorEdge Handy online engineering calculators
    DipoleEasy Building and Tuning a Dipole the Easier Way
    AMSAT The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
    PropNet Propnet - Current propagation maps: be a station, lurker or probe
    Real-time propagation for several bands.
    Hamsphere Virtual but very realistic online radio.
    Play with various radios, beams, etc.
    Also useful for non-hams to practice.
    History of telecommunication It was a great timeline, and was fun to
    see how technology has evolved over the years!
    Thanks to Mrs. Veronica Taylor from
    SOTA WATCH Summits on the Air
    Greenshot Easy-to-use free screenshot for Windows
    recommended by W7HD - Open source projects
    SDR References My Software Defined Radio section
    Now includes where to listen to digital mode sounds.
    Last updated 12-Feb-2013
    Beacon lists Links to beacon lists, programs and news
    US 50MHz beacons North American 50 Mhz Beacon Map by K9MU
    6M Propagation Map VHF Propagation Maps - ng0e
    SMIRK Six Meter International Radio Klub
    HeyWhatsThat Online Antenna Path Profiler
    Cable spec chart A very nice PDF colorized cable comparison chart
    Oscar satellite status Chart of Oscar satellites heard
    Satellite FM Freq KD0HKD Satellite Frequencies
    for FM Amateur Radio Satellites w/PL
    Satellite links NEW Amateur radio satellite http links
    Educational links Links from Sara Bell for educators
    This website is ALWAYS a work-in-progress. Please come back often.
    UPCOMING EVENTS When/what/where

    Click on logo
    to visit website
    KA7VPR Bob
    Ovarc Tucson Hamfest
    Arizona Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club
    Meets 3rd Friday each month at 7:00 pm MST
    Ascension Lutheran Church, 1220 W Magee Rd.
    Tucson, AZ (Magee just east of LaCholla)

    Sun nite net at 7:00pm MST with Radio-Tradio
    Wed nite NBEMS net 7:00pm MST
    Linked repeaters:
        145.190-   444.100+   146.620-   PL 156.7
        440.400+ is moving to 447.525- when coordinated [ off air currently ]
    Dstar repeaters:
        W0HF on 440.800 in 445.800 out
        KG7PJV is in test mode on 445.1375 MHz out 440.1375 in
    VE testing 1st Sat each month at police dept. EOC
    in Oro Valley (Oro Valley Marketplace) off Tangerine Road
    Breakfast at 07:30 every Saturday at Village Inn
    6251 No. Oracle Road between Rudasill and Orange Grove Rd
    ARRL Hamfest Listing Link to ARRL Hamfest and Convention Database
    SW Division Calendar Link to N6AA Southwestern Division Calendar of Events
    ARRL ARES SITE Link to ARRL ARES Arizona Section
    When-all-else-fails     click on image for larger view Courtesy ARRL
    Miscellaneous stuff
    Email Obfuscator Page Make your email address perfectly visible to a browser,
    but just so much junk to a skimmer
    Junk email How to help stop junk email!!!
    RST Signal The RST Signal Report System
    Futurism NEW Online magazine of scientific developments

    to test your Internet speed.
    Comcast speed test
    Speed test from Comcast using a local server
    VOIP speed test
    To test VOIP line quality using (All Require Java)

    Comcast speedtest April 2014
    What a difference a line upgrade makes

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